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Stork Drops

Stork Drops was going to be a platform which acted as a central hub or one stop shop for all things Solana (a cryptocurrency); keeping up with industry news, monitoring the value of SOL, trading NFT's, and more.

In order to join the platform, you would need to buy a token, which is where I came in; I digitally drew several assets to create over 10,000 unique tokens in the form of cartoon storks.

Not only did these tokens act as keys to our platform, they were also collectibles of varying rarity which could be traded and sold!

To the right you can see different combos being created with differentiating backgrounds, skins, outfits, eyes, beaks, and headware.

Although our platform has not yet launched (we have temporarily paused functions) this opportunity has led to some of my greatest and most creative digital art. Being able to control the art direction of our NFT's allowed me push outside my comfort zone and create artwork that people would have loved to collect!


Try and grab a screenshot of your favorite combination and send me the results!

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