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Toyota Project Portal

In 2018, I was commissioned by an engineering team at Toyota working on "Project Portal," an innovation which could provide the world with the first Fuel Cell Energized Vehicle (FCEV) with 18 wheels.


My job was to create a project logo, along with custom symbols that would be used as patches on team jackets.

Screenshot 2024-02-28 at 1.58.42 PM.png
H2 Current.png

The circular patch design incorporates an ode to the original Japanese Toyota logo, surrounded a basic diagram of the Hydrogen molecule (essential to power an FCEV)

The tear drop patch design features "H2" which is the atomic structure of Hydrogen necessary to power an FCEV, and is depicted in a vertical "tear-drop shaped" patch to represent the chemical process of powering an FCEV.

The logo as a whole incorporates both of these designs, using the hydrogen atom and tear drop shape for O's while using a futuristic font to match.

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